Our Goals


Music Programs

Our one year goal is to develop music programs at the primary school in La Ticla and in the town of La Placita. The music programs would include instrument lessons for the drums, guitar, bass guitar, ukulele and piano leading to community and school performances. Instruments were provided to both locations in August, 2017. During that trip, we spent time working the children to learn about playing instrument, playing together and song writing.

A second trip will be made in September to schedule music lessons and develop work agreements with the young adult teachers and additional work with the school teachers in La Ticla. We also plan to visit other Indian reservations in Aquila to identify needs and to inform the communities of our plans. Program Budget

Music in La Ticla

The music program at the primary school in La Ticla would incorporate into their existing academic structure. With beginning lessons for the drums, guitar, bass guitar, ukulele and piano. The instruments, equipment and supplies would also be available for an after-school program. The teaching staff would include existing teachers during school hours and young adult teachers for the after-school program.

Music in La Placita

The music program in La Placita is located at the business of Juan Mendez, an Aquila resident also from San Diego. With a full set of instruments already provided, the program is currently in use by the same children we worked with in August - and they are bringing friends. The teachers for this location are young adults from the town that we also worked with in August. The children are also supervised by the employee from the Mendez business.

Youth Center in La Placita

The second goal is to develop the existing space in La Placita into a Youth Center. The space has three open rooms to be used as a practice room, computer lab and office space. The space, located across the street from the town's school, would be open as an after-school program staffed by the same supervisor and young adult teachers.

In order to accommodate children that live outside of town,  a vehicle will be provided to transport children to and from the youth center. The hours of operation for the center will be as two hours per day, three days per week with performances on the weekends.