Frequently Asked Questions

What will these children gain from learning to play a musical instrument?

Learning to play an instrument provides several long-term benefits including increased self-confidence and self-esteem. Additionally, the California program “Academic Music” uses an innovative curriculum that proves music helps children learn math through rhythm (journal of educational studies in mathematics). Aside from the research, learning to play a musical instrument is a fun and joyful experience and playing as an ensemble.  

What will a youth center do for the children and their families?

A youth center will provide the space for music lessons, a computer lab and school supplies as well as a safe place for an after school program mentored and instructed by young adults. The community will benefit knowing their children are in a safe environment and receiving academic and mentoring support. Located in the center of town, the youth center would be used for events and musical performance, bringing the arts and social development to the community.   

How will you assess and measure the results of the program to the community and children involved?

An initial assessment of interest and outcomes will be made once the music room in La Placita has been in use for the first 90 days. Parents will be interviewed to identify community interest and value to their children. Similar assessments will also be made at the school in La Ticla to identify outcome and community interest. Although self-esteem and confidence may be difficult to measure, opinions expressed by the children and community will be documented to identify the program’s value.  

What will my donation provide?

The budget is divided into three sections; one for each phase of development leading to the completion of the music program and youth center. 

Phase 1: Completed

  • Establish temporary practice location, purchase and setup instruments for La Ticla, La Placita and El Duin
  • Setup teacher schedules and begin preliminary lessons for initial group of children.
  • Visit additional reservations, establish contacts with local teachers
  • Travel in August and October 2017

Phase 2: Fundraising

  • Complete instrument sets for La Placita and participating towns
  • Equipment support for young adult teachers
  • Regularly scheduled teacher-led lessons
  • Travel in December

Phase 3: Fundraising

  • Computers and school supplies
  • Youth center build-out
  • Youth center maintenance
  • Travel for 2018

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What is needed for a sustainable music program and youth center?

Rental space located in La Placita at the business of Juan Mendez will be use for the youth center. An existing space at the primary school in La Ticla will be used for the school’s music and computer lab. Equipment and supplies for the program includes: 

  • Computers 
  • Guitars and amps 
  • Drums 
  • Percussion 
  • Digital pianos 
  • Instrument supplies 
  • School supplies 
  • Instructional materials 
  • Funds for space 
  • Funds for utilities 
  • Teachers 
  • Adult mentors 
  • AC Unit and Install